About Me

Cees Missler (BinariX)

Hello ! I am BinariX a music producer from the netherlands, i love to make music in general but my heart always goes towards hardstyle ! I began making music digitally around the age of 15 and im learning everyday ! My mission is to make the music people can dance to and to make the music people can feel the same way i felt it when i created it. Please dont hesitate to tell me youre thoughts on what and how to improve my music, i like getting feedback cause its one of those way's to get better ! I have gone through alot recently, 5 years ago i got stabbed 12 time's by someone who i didnt even saw or knew before and he almost took my life. when writing this im recovering from an under leg amputation, i had an arthroscopy to my knee that gone completely wrong. The orthopedist made a mistake and hit my artery during the procedure. I am still determined to give people the music that i love and as i said feel the way i felt it when creating it ! BinariX